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My sister was in a car accident today on her way to work. She's okay but she got a minor whiplash. It happens the worst at left hand turns on busy highways, like such where there is no turnouts, literally a precarious left through a break in the double yellow line. No highway signs nor lights. No less on a rightward turning curve at the top so you can't see anyone in the other lane 'till they are right there and you just have to wait. People behind can see and you would think SHOULD see. So...

She had gotten to the top of this particular hill, turned on her signal way in advance. She finally slowed down to a stop. As she was waiting it happened. The person behind her was fine for the slowdown. It was the person 2 cars back not paying attention to anything.

So the car 2 back ran into the second car, which kept going and hit my sister's car.

I hope the others are all right since they were in the worst of it. My sister is in the hospital right now and has been since 10:30am this morning. It is now 3:27pm my time.

That's right, Bixby Snyder folks.
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