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Where Are My KotOR 2 saved games?

I was planning to transfer some KotOR 2 saves to a different computer. I have successfully done this in the past with other games by going to the save game location in windows explorer and moving/copying the save file.

However, when I go to C:/Program Files (x86)/LucasArts/SWKotOR2/Saves, I see two folders: 000001 - AUTOSAVE and 000002 - Game1.

In each folder are the standard .res files and such, plus the SAVEGAME sav file.

But there is nothing about the 3 different characters I have and multiple saves for each.

When I start up the game itself, though, I can load saved games from there just fine. I just can't find them in Windows Explorer!

What is going on? I'm running Kotor 2 Windows 7 64-bit in Windows XP Compatibility Mode.

Thank you for your help!
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