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Naboo System

"Time for some fancy flying; we've got company!"

Tonatius didn't need to look at his scanner but he did. He confirmed that they were going to have a little bit of fun. He replied, "I'm game for a few crispy Sith. Should we play a little chicken?"


It was still early according to the ship's time but old habits died hard. Tavaryn finished putting on his uniform and took in the quiet darkness. He had hours before his combat class yet he wanted to get some time in alone at the ring. It would serve to clear his mind before having to go see the council again and he knew they were going to pester him about his 'neglect' of his Shinigami duties before he could play liason for the resistance. He glanced over at the bed at the sleeping form still there and gave a soft smile.

She had been tired lately so he would let her sleep. He walked quietly over and gave a gentle kiss to Alriana's cheek and muttered something in Avalonian before grabbing his gear and walking out of the quarters they shared. He sighed and headed towards the lifts.


Jun-la didn't need to hear the noise. Rather she sensed her daughter's discomfort and got up to tend to her leaving Matton still asleep. She picked up the sobbing infant and held her trying to soothe her. After learning of the infiltration of the Sith, she took Belina up on her offer and moved her family to the Ackbar. It wasn't ideal but at least she knew they were safe until she could find one of the Avalonian colonies that was still a refuge. Glancing at the ship's clock, she saw how early it was and gave a slight chuckle.

Probably within two hours, her apprentice Andros Kaltas would come bursting in with a new idea to improve the resistance's ships. He had already come up with ideas for the fighters, two she knew currently were on their way to Naboo. She continued to smile as she tended to her daughter.

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