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Alriana woke up to the sound of the door closing to her and Tavaryn's shared quarters and slowly sat up in the bed. She looked at the comn-panel on the wall as it began to beep softly.

As she got out of bed she grabbed her robe and put it on before answering. Just before she hit the button she checked to see where the transmission was coming from. looks like I'll finally get some answers.

The face of the Ackbar's chief medical officer appeared on the screen. She nodded at the CMO. "Hello Doctor, I trust you were able to find out why I seem to be feeling under the weather?"

The CMO looked to her left and then smiled. "It appears that well...congratulations are in order Jedi Alriana. We just got the results in and it appears that your pregnant."

Alriana froze as rapid thoughts came to her mind. Th-that can't be right...what am I going to do?! What will Tavaryn think?!

"Jedi Alriana, are you alright?"

"Y-yes...I'm just a bit suprised. I wasn't really expecting this. Thank you for informing me."

The CMO nodded and the screen went dark. Alriana staggered to her feet and sat down on the bed. She was feeling mixed emotions.
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