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Tavaryn had made it to the training rooms that had been declared his by order of Admiral Belina and had changed to be more comfortable for what he wanted to do. It had been a long time since he practiced this form since it was the last thing his mother had taught him before all that. She had told him that it was to be used in a calm state only since the risk of injury was extremely high.

At the moment, he felt anything to produce calm would be helpful. He pulled out his katana and walked to the center of the empty ring. He closed his eyes and took a breath and started in on the first position. He was soon lost in the moment until something gave a tingle at the back of his mind. He recognized it having felt it on numerous occassions the past few months. This time though it felt like a being shot in the shoulder and he nearly dropped his blade.

Luckily he stopped and put the blade at rest. He reached into his mind and called out, Are you all right moi chroi?

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