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Are you sure? You felt almost panicking. It... surprised me.

Yes I'm fine. She sent back. And you were right, I did panic for a moment after I heard what the CMO had to say. Don't worry, I'll talk to you about it later.

As the lift headed for the bridge she was so deep in thought, she didn't even notice Jun-la as she walked onto the lift.

"Something troubling you? Did my uncle do something? I could set him straight."

Alriana had to smile at the way she had asked the question. "Your uncle did something alright." She said quietly as she looked down at her stomach.

Star Destroyer Death's Head.

Grand Admiral Velerc was busy studying the reports from the ships that had been fighting recently. He was deep in thought and didn't notice his second in command walking up to him.

"Admiral Velerc, we just recieved word from Admiral Belina. She says the Katarn and it's battle group are returning to tython but they have taken quite a bit of damage. Repair teams are standing by."

Velerc didn't look up. "And what of the information that was stored in the databanks? Did they manage to download it."

"Yes sir. It's being transmitted to the Ackbar as we speak."
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