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"You got it. Just be careful, there's no cavalry waiting to come out of hyperspace for us." Kalla replied, quickly banking left and opening fire on the nearest fighter. "We just want to get them off our backs, so I hope you weren't planning on engaging the whole fleet."


"Long time no see, Iyav. I hear you're with the Resistance now." Iyav's contact, a somewhat portly human said as Iyav and Komad approached the Cantina's bar.

"I was with the Republic before that, Doran. Now, what can you tell me about the Sith's recent activity?" Iyav asked.

"They've lately been focusing their efforts on worlds with historical significance to them, or to the Jedi, but that's not all. They've also been doing considerable excavation on these planets after capturing them. Not sure why." Doran explained.

While Komad pondered that last point, Doran added, "One more thing, they've also posted a hefty bounty on Jedi, and your husband's quite the catch, but not how you think."

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