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We'd be happy to have you! If you want to play me personally on there, I would drop me an email well in advance, as I often have weird hours and can't just play anytime.

I was thinking of firing up vanilla JK2 the other day (after being reminded of the whole "1.02 vs 1.04" debate) but I couldn't find my old cd. I have another copy of the game but it's still in the shrink wrap (was going to give it to a friend). So I haven't done it yet.

I am wondering if people are getting tired of having the same 3 siege maps and 5 ctf maps in the cycle, but every time I check there are usually 2 people on there at least.When I'm on, I might try some other settings, but for now that seems the safest. I haven't checked the overall servers to see what other people are running, but I do remember that a year ago there were very few servers that were running Siege and CTF with mainly basejka settings (and pretty much zero with OJP Basic).

If the bots for it weren't so crappy I might run PowerDuel more.I just wish that OJP Basic had a better autodownload system, as it was so hard to get people to play when the bonus pack was being used.

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