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No...she didn't do anything like that. She just told me something that caught me by suprise. I'll tell you about it later. And I love you too.

Tavaryn couldn't shake the feeling that something was wrong or at least troubling Alriana. Still he was not the pushy type and he would wait for her to tell him if anything was wrong.

"I'm sorry Lt. Onashi, I forgot about the meeting. I think that the council is waiting for us both. The meeting is located on deck 2 section 32 meeting room 3. I'll meet you down there."

"Roger that," Tavaryn replied as he finished putting things up. As far as he could see, he was in for a bad day. He left the training quarter and headed towards the lifts. He keyed in the deck and stood there pinching the bridge of his nose.


"I don't want anyone else to know for now and I think I can trust you not to tell...I think you've been told I've been feeling a bit under the weather lately and this morning I found out why. The CMO called me after Tavaryn left and I found out I'm pregnant." "Don't get me that some of the shock has worn off I'm excited but I'm a bit worried as to what Tavaryn will think."

Jun-la went over to the control panel and keyed the lift to come to a halt. She placed a hand on Alriana's shoulder and replied, "What exactly are you afraid of what he will say?" She knew her uncle well but even he had his moments. "Are you afraid that he will reject you?"


"We just want to get them off our backs, so I hope you weren't planning on engaging the whole fleet."

Tonatius grinned as he banked to the right taking some of the fighters onto his six. He replied, "Now that would be stupid since swooping is bad. How do you want to do this?"

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