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If I may comment, I have found that the Taloraan level requires a certian amount of surgical precision. My preferred craft for the level is the Naboo starfighter. Since the original question involves the pursuit of a gold medal, I assume that person has already played successfully through the Battle of Calamari. Once Calamari is completed all the vesels in the hangar are available for use in most levels. On Taloraan, the Naboo starfighter's narrow firing trajectory and streamlined shape come in handy for the many tight spaces. Also, its firepower is greater than that of the default A-wing. Two shots takes out a canister,four takes out a turret, and one or two take out a TIE depending on where you hit it. The Naboo starfighter's greater speed and agility also make it ideal for chasing TIEs of every kind, for preceding the transport, and for getting the bonus unscathed.
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