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I'll stick with my rogueleader92 username. i am an avid fan of Rogue Squadron 3D and almost anything else Star Wars. I have yet to manage a gold in every level of RS3D, but I started when I was like, 8 or something, and I didn't really get good at video games untilthe last 5 years when i realized there was actually some skill involved. If you have questions about RS3D, i am definitely your man. for example, i have found out that out of the dozen or so passcodes for the PC version, only about five benefit you at all. IAMDOLLY, OOMPWAMPA, USEDAFORCE, GOODGUYTIE, WOOKIEPELT. don't ever use CHICKEN; it is compltely pointless and will probably lose you the level, oh, and it will crash the game if you try it on Taloraaan.
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