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"You know if you were that concerned about him thinking you to be weak, think about it this way: If he thought you to be weak, he wouldn't have work so hard to follow you when you were unfrozen and convince you to stay true. Besides I don't think he would ever think that of you considering that he claims you're the one who, and I quote, saved his sorry arse from a fate worse that death.'"

Alriana looked over at Jun-la and a small smile appeared on her face. "Thank you. For reminding me that I'm usually the one that ends up saving him from going to the bacta tank and from the CMO."

"As for the motherhood thing, no one is born knowing how to do it. Most of it is trial and error and the balance between duty as a Jedi and duty as a mother. For me I hope that being good at the former makes me better at the latter. It also helps when you have someone who knows that and you can share the burden."

Alriana looked down at her stomach and then back at Jun-la. "I was wondering...since you already have a child do you have any tips or secrets I should know about? Something that could help Tavaryn and I when the baby is born?"
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