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"When your shift is over, I suggest you come down to mine and Matton's quarters. Meet Kaillian. She likes kind people and she hasn't met her uncle yet. How far along?"

"Around a month and a half." she said with a smile on her face. "I wonder what Tavaryn will say when he meets Kaillian. And I wonder how he'll react when she calls him uncle."

She restarted the lift and stayed silent as it headed for the bridge. Just as they arrived she turned to Jun-la and smiled again. "I wonder how Admiral Belina will react when I tell her that I'm going to need maternity leave in a few months."

"Admiral, they wish to know the strength of the resistance."

Belina frowned at the council. She would have liked to know what they had said but they were speaking in some other language. "The resistance currently has around sixty ships but most are smaller ships. We do have around twenty capital ships but some of them are damaged either from encounters with sith ships or from lack of repairs. On occasion we run across a few ships that managed to escape the sith and we add them to the resistance."

"We have quite a few ground troops and other ground forces but we have no way of replacing the troops and other forces that we lose. We also have only a few combat instructors."

She looked over at Tavaryn. "If I missed anything feel free to add it."
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