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"You want the truth? He's an old softie when it comes to children. You met Murasaki. While we are cousins, they are more like uncle and niece. He practically taught her how to use her fists. They are close. As for you, seeing Kaillian will be good practice for you."

Alriana was trying to contain the feelings of happiness but failed as a large smile appeared on her face. "I can't tell you how relieved I am to hear that. It's good to know that he likes children."

"Well she'll either be overjoyed at a baby or overly pissed she's losing her chief of security... or both. Either way, she'll take it out on Tavaryn since it is, to quote generally, his fault."

"Well... I hope that she ends up being happy." Alriana said. "I don't plan on putting this child up for adoption or anything. If she gets angry about the baby then she'll have to deal with it."

"I hope that this resistance succeeds Admiral."

Belina looked over the council and smiled at them. "I have a feeling once we are all united that we'll stand a decent chance of beating the sith back to where they came from. As we speak, I have a team going over data that that resistance managed to steal."
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