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((JP with Writer))

The mottled blue corridor of hyperspace gave way to streak-like stars on all sides that resolved to pinpricks as Kavrik's ship dropped out of hyperspace and darted for the planet before them. As Kav relayed instructions for landing to the ship's talking computer, Nasrene moved around his chair and took the copilot's seat.

Her insides turned to ice as she saw how quickly the planet's surface was rushing towards them - the starscape beyond it was now almost completely obscured by the planet itself. "What can I do to help?" she asked as the ship began to rock, and both Kav and the computer fell silent.

Through clenched teeth, Kav answered: "Get on the comm. Tell 'em down there that we're comin' in hot and we'll definitely need repairs."

"Right," she replied. She accessed the comm system, fumbling a little over the unfamiliar controls as the ship gave another heavy lurch. "This is the starship... erhm... the starship..."

"Freedom!" shouted Kav over the din.

"Right, sorry--this is the starship Freedom, calling any docking station on Tatooine. We're coming in to land, but we've taken damage. Our engines and stabilisers are offline. We request urgent assistance. Repeat: urgent assistance!"

There was no response. "Did they hear us? Isn't there a way to tell on most ships these days?"

A small green light came on to her right. "They heard you," Lysandra said sharply. "Kav, they've sent me a descent pattern. Giving it to you know."

Kavrik glanced to his left and grimaced. "It's gonna be rough, but I think I can hold that..."

His face set in determination, he guided the ship roughly along the suggested flight pattern, taking them over the city and out just beyond the normal landing pads. A sandy runway came into view and he made for it.

"Ooh, this is gonna hurt..." Lysandra whined as they fell toward it.

"Shut up," Kavrik snapped. The ship hit the runway at an angle, skidding forward and spinning to one side. Slowly, they slid to a stop and all but the ship's emergency power system failed.

"Told... you," Lysandra's voice whispered. Then she too fell silent. Grimly, Kavrik rolled his neck and shoulders and rose.

"C'mon," he said to Nasrene. "Let's see what we can find out about repairs."
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