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Originally Posted by CrisG View Post
Agreed, the cut scenes should work with a full install. You may have a damaged disk. Even with a good install I still get black spots on my cutscenes.
I'm having trouble parsing exactly what you're saying, but corrupted game data is much less likely to cause symptoms like these than a hardware or software conflict. Steam's "verify integrity of game cache" option button reports that the data's fine. Is anyone running JK on XP not having the problem?


The MAZZter suggests trying different versions of SMACKW32.DLL to see if one helps, but I don't know how to find a trustworthy place to download them from.

Originally Posted by Thunderforge View Post
I did that and played the videos. Unfortunately, they were still choppy using those tools.
For me the cutscenes still go out-of-sync with RAD Tools, but they don't get choppy like they do in JK.

Originally Posted by Document2 View Post
Do the people having this problem also see large black pixels in the cutscenes
It turns out that the black pixels don't appear in windowed mode, only in full screen; judging by that, they're probably a separate problem and off-topic for this thread.

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