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"That raises a large burden off my shoulders. It's good to know that he's had practice with children."

Jun-la smiled. She was by all means younger than the Jedi in front of her but she felt like an elder giving advice. "You both will be fine." They arrived at the bridge deck and started walking down the corridor.

"Just out of curiosity, has the Admiral ever asked to come down and visit your family during her off duty hours?"

"No harm in asking. To answer your question, the admiral has met both me and Matton but not Kaillian. I was thinking of asking her down for dinner along with you two. Don't worry I'm not trying anything but I think it might soften her up...just a smidge." Jun-la then gave a short laugh. They arrived at the bridge and she stood aside so Alriana could key in the bridge code.

They were joined by Andros who came running up waving his data pad. He was out of breath but excited. He said, "The modifications I made are taking some action in the Naboo system."


"As for Alpha team...they are the best squad in the resistance."

Fen'Harel glanced again at Tavaryn who was doing his best to look innocent. "Indeed they would be if they had good trainer in those techniques."

Tavaryn said nothing and tried to look as if everything were normal. He reached into his bond with Alriana and sensed she was a lot calmer and that she was... relieved? He reached out, Feeling better, love?

Fen'Harel watched Tavaryn with the practiced eye of being observant without appearing to. He had known the boy since his mother came to them long ago and had watched out for him and trained him in everything he knew. Though the council before him would have disapproved of the boy leaving and joining the fleet, his council approved. Much had changed and the need to protect the Jedi as well as those loyal to the Republic was greater. As he watched the boy, he noticed a slight change occur and he realized that he was communicating with someone, someone important. He brought his attention back to the admiral and asked, "I surmise that you have information that would help the resistance. Am I correct Admiral?"

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