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"I was actually hoping that you would allow me to make my big announcement in your cabin if the Admiral comes by."

Andros, not understanding the conversation asked, "What announcement?"

Jun-la replied, "Nothing you need to trouble yourself. I suggest you go inform Garja of the developments on your modifications."

Andros nodded, aware that he may have stumbled onto something that wasn't meant for him to hear and he hastily apologized, "Yes master." He then went over to Garja and said, "I have the first sensor reports from the fighters sent to Naboo. The modifcations are going well."

Jun-la waited until he was gone and said, "You did ask me to keep it a secret. I never go back on my word." She smiled, "As to your question, feel free to make any announcement you wish."


We may be joining Jun-la and Matton after my shift is done.

Tavaryn supressed the smile that threatened. He had yet to meet his niece's daughter and he had never worked up the nerve to ask her. He sent back, Great. Saves me the trouble of asking. I heard Kaillian defies the definition of pretty. Though it couldn't compare to you.

"You are correct. In fact I just recieved a message that we may have found something important. If you want, I can have the contents of the data transmitted down here right now."

Fen'Harel nodded, "It will be good that we all hear this. Perhaps your representative for the Jedi should be present as well."

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