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"Then it's a good thing that bounty's good whether you're dead or alive. Open fire! Kill the Jedi and the Smuggler!" Doran called out, and both guards and patrons alike drew their blasters at Komad and Iyav.

"You said you could trust him!" Komad shouted, deflecting a couple of shots with both lightsabers.

"I said his intel would be legit, I didn't say he wouldn't try to betray us." Iyav countered, managing a few shots as he made for the door.

"Fair point." Komad conceded, following Iyav out of the cantina.

"They're not going to just let us go, and a firefight like that would certainly attract the attention of the Sith." Iyav pointed out.

"I agree, we need to get to the Eagle as quickly as possible."


"We're clear!" Kalla called out to Tonatius. She then sent him the coordinates for the swamp closest to Theed. All the while, a single thought pervaded in her mind. He needs to know, but if he did, he'd have tried to talk me out of this. When can I tell him?

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