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"I have the first sensor reports from the fighters sent to Naboo. The modifcations are going well."

Garja turned from the console he was using to transmitt the data and nodded. "That's excellent news." He thought for a moment. "Unless you have any objection to it, The Admiral and I were wondering if perhaps you would like to oversee modifications to more of the Ackbar's fighters?"

"As to your question, feel free to make any announcement you wish."

Alriana smiled in relief. "Thank you." Her tone changed to a joking one as a sudden thought came to mind. "Do you think we may need a medteam standing by? Just in case Tavaryn faints when I break the news?"

Great. Saves me the trouble of asking. I heard Kaillian defies the definition of pretty. Though it couldn't compare to you.

Alriana smiled again as she heard Tavaryn's voice in her head. She turned to look at Jun-la. "It looks like Tavaryn is looking forward to seeing Kaillian"

I'll see you after my shift is done. She sent. Oh...Admiral Belina might be joining us as well.

"It will be good that we all hear this. Perhaps your representative for the Jedi should be present as well."

Admiral Belina nodded and turned on the comnlink. "Admiral Garja, could you please have the jedi represenative report to the meeting room?"

Deep space

Darth Corial could sense his prey through the force. He had fought the female known as Alriana once and that was all that he needed. He now could recognize her force signature and that was enough.

The former cathar jedi smiled darkly as he focused on her force signature. He could tell that there was something...different about the jedi...something that had not been there before.

He also knew that if he were to try and attack her now he would most likely be killed. He could sense an abundance of life around her. But he could wait.
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