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Originally Posted by Lynk Former View Post
That said, at this stage we're never going to have a guild simply because we can't come up with a name good enough when all we really needed was something simple like "Scions of LFN" or "LFN Knights" or whatever...

Whatever we choose is gonna be LAME so may as well just choose something now and get it over with so we can set it up and get people on board.
Well I thought that was the point of the "placeholder" guilds/names that were set up way back when...
Originally Posted by Astor View Post
We have set two up, LF Knights and LF Sith Knights, but these were placeholders we set up when the Guild program launched back in March, and I think you'll agree that those names aren't particularly inspiring, or even original - let's face it, they suck.
So I figured we had already established that there's going to be an LF guild and that people that want in should say so and that this thread was just about... refining the guild name... /shrug

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