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@ Astor: I did when we first started this discussion in private before you posted this thread


[7:37:43 PM] Mav: so LFTor guild, I'm thinking "Scruffy Nerf Herders"
[7:38:42 PM] Lynk: lol better than the ones thought of so far
[7:39:36 PM] Mav: our slogan will be "We shoot first"
[7:40:50 PM] Lynk: what about the empire side?
[7:49:26 PM] Mav: Blood Orange Bantha Poo Doo's
[7:49:37 PM] Mav: that's my Sith Guild name
[7:49:50 PM] Lynk: Wild Bantha Chasers
[7:50:28 PM] Lynk: or Wild Bantha Hunters
[7:50:29 PM] Mav: Persistent Ewok Genociders
[7:51:16 PM] Mav: The Droids You're Looking For
[7:51:28 PM] Lynk: lol that's a good one

So according to Mav

Republic: Scruffy Nerf Herders
Empire: The Droids You're Looking For

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