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"Excellent. I will inform Admiral Belina of your decision. Rest assured, the Admiral will not forget your help. Feel free to begin the modifications whenever you are ready."

Andros replied, "Heading there now." He nearly bolted past his master and Jedi Alriana as he headed down to where the fighters being kept, aware that his master was laughing.

Jun-la laughed as her pupil streaked past heading to the one thing that brought him more joy next to Jedi training. She turned towards Alriana and replied, "I have a feeling today will be more entertaining than most."

As Garja gave the report Jun-la said, "Surely Admiral is the chief of security is to be informed, shouldn't that officer also be present in the meeting room as well as you? Twould save the trouble of an extra debriefing."


I'm sure that Admiral Belina will be looking forward to meeting Kaillian.

Tavaryn stifled a chuckle. He could tell Fen'Harel's eye was on him and he had to tread carefully. He didn't want Alriana caught up in his troubles with the whole council. Fen'Harel he didn't have a problem with since the man always looked after him, in private of course. He sent back, Oh... that's not what I meant moi chroi. It's been awhile since she's been 'angry' with me. In his mind he sent a chuckle.

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