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"Heading there now."

Garja raised his eyebrow in confusion and watched as Andros bolted past Alriana and Jun-la. "It appears that your pupil is looking forward to working on those modifications. I wouldn't be suprised if he ends up designing new ships."

"Surely Admiral is the chief of security is to be informed, shouldn't that officer also be present in the meeting room as well as you? Twould save the trouble of an extra debriefing."

Garja thought for a moment and then nodded. "I'll ask if she can be included in the meeting." he said as he opened a comnlink to the meeting room.

"Admiral, this is Garja, Jun-la believes that Jedi Alriana should join the meeting and I do agree with her."

Belina's voice responded after a moment. "I agree. Have Jun-la and Alriana down here as quickly as possible. We need to continue this meeting."

Garja turned to the two of them. "I'd get down there as soon as possible if I were you."

Oh... that's not what I meant moi chroi. It's been awhile since she's been 'angry' with me.

Alriana sent a laugh through their link. I'm heading down to the meeting room right now. I'll see you in a bit.

Alriana turned to Jun-la. "Shall we get going?" She asked.
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