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((I get hit with a double whammy in this RP lol))


"I know this isn't the best time, and I should have said something before we left Tython, but I might as well tell you now. Tonatius, I'm pregnant."

Tonatius was giving his full attention to Kalla but when she gave him her news he wasn't sure if he heard correctly. He said, "Um...that was...unexpected." He had no idea of what to say.


Stay awake, we wouldn't want the Admiral and the council made at you

Tavaryn resisted the need to laugh. He replied, Oh it doesn't take much for Belina to be mad at me. He smirked and a slight chuckle came out while he was looking at the admiral. He chewed his lower lip at her expression, letting his eyes twinkle in merriment. He said, "Shameless thoughts Admiral. Mainly those regarding the epic battles on a certain deck along with certain orders."


Jun-la grinned at Garja and replied, "I knew he would be a big help on board the Ackbar." She then followed Alriana towards the lifts. Once they were inside she said to the Jedi, "Alright, what did he tell you that has you want to burst into giggle fits? I could tell he was talking to you." She smiled knowingly.

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