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"I should be terrified, but I suppose becoming a mother is nothing compared to living in a galaxy enslaved by the Sith. It's still too early to know anything, and I haven't told anyone else yet. You're the father, so you should be the first to know."

Tonatius was still reeling from this revelation and he wasn't surprised that it was slightly blunt since that was Kalla's way. He then said, "Well I guess knowing now is as good enough time though I have heard it being less dramatic when it's reveal in a place not crawling with Sith." He gave a slight grin, "I suppose you want to tell me that it's my fault and one I'd gladly accept."


"He said and I quote: I was just beginning to have droopy eyelids."

Jun-la laughed, "Oh yes, being the Sentinel for the Shinigami is exhausting." She led the way off the turbolift and down to the meeting room. They happened to be upon Belina listening on her comm. She asked the Admiral, "Troubling news?"

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