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"Admiral Belina, the mission to Tatooine was a bit of a fiasco, but we managed to get what we were after. I'm sending you my report, plus a copy of the data we received now. Short version, lately the Sith have mainly been interested in worlds that are historically significant to them or the Jedi, and they've been developing around what they refer to as 'Focal Points'. We'd have to investigate one of the planets they've targeted to learn more."

Belina had to resist the urge to hit something. "I'll fully debrief you once you arrive on the Ackbar. Make sure that this information doesn't reach anyone else except those you feel you can trust."

"Master Kaltas is conferring with Master Skywalker about this as we speak. He'll contact you as soon as the Jedi Council has discussed it."

"Good work you two." Belina said. "Make sure you both make it home safetly. Let me know if any problems come up."

"Oh yes, being the Sentinel for the Shinigami is exhausting."

Alriana had to stifle a laugh as they reached the meeting room.

"Troubling news?"

Belina turned to look at the two of them. "There's a situation developing. As soon as the jedi council gets in contact with me we may need to leave. The sith seem to be up to something."
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