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"Would you want it to be someone else's?"

"Then I'd seriously consider the code duello," Tonatius replied with a smirk before kissing her on the forehead. "Though I guess this means I have to endure the lecture from your father and brother."

"We shouldn't keep Markath waiting longer than we have to. Let's go."

Tonatius sighed. "Right." He went to the underside of his fighter and opened a panel. He pulled out two packs and handed one to Kalla. He then grinned and said, "Lead on my fearless leader."


"There's a situation developing. As soon as the jedi council gets in contact with me we may need to leave. The sith seem to be up to something."

Tavaryn had shamelessly overhead the conversation and chose the moment to speak, "And here I was thinking this was a great vacation. I was even considering creating a pleasure cruise out here."

Fen'Harel gave a look to Tavaryn. He had not remembered that Tavaryn could be so glib about things. Then again he never was before. It seemed that this was a new facet to his character or one he rarely let others see and it pained him to see that the boy was not so open with him. He then looked at one of the Jedi that entered.

She looked much like she did. It startled Fen'Harel that the family resemblance was there. He was not surprised however when she joined in the banter.

Jun-la was aware that she was being studied by the Shinigami councilmember. She knew that her family had done great things and it bothered Tavaryn to no great end since all they saw were his parents and not him. Glancing at Alriana though, she knew that was not the case between them. When Tavaryn spoke, she gave a chuckle and added, "As long as we throw in a couple of Sith warships and a plot to take over the galaxy, we'll be set. Don't you agree Alriana?"

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