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"I know the quantum encryption technology takes a bit of getting used to, but even with the technology, the Sith won't be able to decipher any messages we send with it." Komad commented, admittedly knowing little of how the technology worked himself. "I'll have a look."

Despite the lack of understanding of the technology, decrypting the message was a simple matter of converting the quantum information back into its original audio form. While the message was just informing the fleet that they had made safely to the planet's surface, it was still a relief to know they were relatively safe. It was funny, though. He know both of them could handle themselves in combat, and there was enough dissent on Naboo to hide them from the Sith, and yet he still worried. Father's prerogative, I guess. He thought to himself.


"I can't wait to hear what your brother says about this." Kalla commented, though she was thinking more about their journey to Theed. Getting to the city would be easy; getting in and around unnoticed would be hard.

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