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"I can't wait to hear what your brother says about this."

"More likely make lecherous comments," Tonatius muttered as he scouted forward. He scanned everything. "He has been since he first met you." They came to the edge of the swamps to the main plains. He looked at Kalla and asked, "So how are we to sneak in when we have wide open spaces between us?"


"Of course I do. It sounds like fun."

Jun-la replied with a slight chuckle, "My kind of girl. Don't let this one go Admiral. She's a keeper."

Fen'Harel chose this moment to speak, "I see humor has made it's way into the Jedi ranks. At the moment I don't know if it is a good thing or a bad thing." He then directed his attention to Alriana, "You look somewhat familiar Jedi. Might I have your name?"

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