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"Don't worry, I intend to keep her as long as possible. It's not easy to find spare security officers, especally now that we're at war with the sith."

Jun-la smiled, "I suppose that includes commanding officers of special groups as well." She gave a slight wink at that. She then said, "Since we are waiting for the others to join us, might I have a moment?"

"I am Jedi Alriana Haltra. I was once a Jedi of the Old Republic around a hundred years back before being put in deep freeze by dark jedi. I was found a few years back and I've been trying to help out as best I can since."

Fen'Harel examined the Jedi from head to toe and he noticed that Tavaryn stood rather uneasily and made a few personal observations. He then said, "I remember a Jedi Haltra. We had sent one of our more junior Shinigami to follow her but they both disappeared. We've heard no word and assumed that they were both lost. How fortunate you survived."

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