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"Since we are waiting for the others to join us, might I have a moment?"

Belina looked over at her and nodded. "Of course." She moved over to one of the leftmost corner of the room and motioned jun-la over. "What seems to be the problem?"

"I remember a Jedi Haltra. We had sent one of our more junior Shinigami to follow her but they both disappeared. We've heard no word and assumed that they were both lost. How fortunate you survived."

Alriana was about to respond when she suddenly stood still as a sudden memory rose to the top of her head.

102 years ago

Alriana, one of the last remaining jedi looked around the room as she nervously sat down at her table and waited for her contact to arrive. She had been sitting for a few moments when a hooded figure sat down across from her.

"There is no emotion." She said nevously. For all she knew this could be her contact in which case he would answer with another phrase. if it wasn't however...she would be forced to possibly draw her saber in public, drawing unwanted attention to her.

"There is peace. The force will watch over you."

Alriana sighed in relief. The phrase was correct. They would have only a short amount of time before someone would get suspicious. The figure looked around and nodded once to show that so far no one was paying them much attention. "Your transport is ready Jedi Alriana. Landing pad Delta. There is a small freighter that will be waitiing for you." He motioned to a small bag that he was carrying. "We have supplied you with a change of clothes that should allow you to blend in on any world."

Alriana nodded and then looked around again nervously. She could sense force-users nearby. possibly dark jedi...but there was another one somewhere nearby...She couldn't tell if it was a darksider or a lightsider.

The figure sitting across the table looked around as well. "Remember...there are people who still believe that the jedi are victims of Palpatine's ambitions. We have a datapad of a planet that you should be safe on. It should be beyond Palpatine's reach."

The figure handed her a datapad just as the door to the cantina was blasted off it's hinges. Two dark cloaked figures casually marched in. "Nobody move!" The taller of the two shouted as he ignited a red lightsaber. "You may as well show yourself Jedi! We finally managed to track you down. Nobody leaves until the Jedi is found!"

Alriana was close to panic. The shorter of the two dark jedi slowly looked around the room. His gaze paused for a moment as he looked over Alriana. He smiled as he was about to ignite his lightsaber only to suddenly turn around as the sound of another saber ignited. That seemed to be a signal to panic as nearly everyone in the cantina bolted for whatever exits were available. The figure across from her got up and fled into the crowd as another cloaked figure who was using a blue lightsaber fought on against the two dark jedi. Alriana took a last look at the battle that was going on before blending in with the crowd and bolted out the door and headed for the freighter.


Alriana could feel the tears begining to form in her eyes. She couldn't seem to hold them back. "This...Shinigami who you had follow me...what was his name? And did he use a blue lightsaber? As for surviving...I didn't survive by choice. The only reason I survived was by pure luck."
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