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"Okay, so the least secure entry point is the cliffside. I guess the Sith just let the natural hazards deal with intruders. On the other hand, if we pull it off, we won't have to worry as much about reaching the King. If you don't like it, the second least secure path would be through the sewers."

Tonatius listened to her suggestions. Then a thought came to mind. He asked, "What of the Gungans? If memory serves, they gave a craft to Master Jedi Qui-Gon and his apprentice and they traveled through the planet core. Would that still be an option?"

"Mind you, I still don't know how two people can be enough to foment insurrection across the entire Chommell sector. Even a single squad of Guardsmen would have been a big help."

Tonatius chuckled and said, "I was once told that even a single grain of rice can tip the scale. A waterfall begins with but a drop of water." He used riddles mostly to tease her but they possessed wisdom within them. He teased her frequently with them since his peopel had the tendency to speak as such when trying to make a point.


"What seems to be the problem?"

"No problem at all," Jun-la replied. Sher stifled a laugh since Belina was a very thorough officer and took care of her ships. "I was merely calling you aside to see if you would like to join Matton and I for dinner in our quarters. Kaillian likes meeting new people."

"This...Shinigami who you had follow me...what was his name? And did he use a blue lightsaber? As for surviving...I didn't survive by choice. The only reason I survived was by pure luck."

Tavaryn saw the tears and felt the urge to rush over and gather her in his arms but even he knew that was foolish in this setting. He did the next best thing and reached into a pouch on his utility belt and pulled out a handkerchief and silently handed it to her. He could feel her emotions and sent, Bad memory?

Fen'Harel watched the look on Tavaryn's face and it confirmed his thoughts about the boy. He hid a smile and made a mental note to fudge his report for the rest of the council. Such relations were always frowned upon but not forbidden yet the council had been known to make life difficult. He then answered the Jedi's question, "The Shinigami in question did use a blue lightsaber. Understand though that our order may contain Force Sensitives we do not train in the Jedi arts. This one though was unique much like the Sentinel. He was once a pupil at the temple but left for whatever reason until we found him and he made the choice to join us. The only name he gave us was Xandros. In his report he sent that his charge had been attacked and he defended her. After finding her he said he was going to follow. That was the last we heard of either."

Fen'Harel paused as he watched the Jedi. He sensed that something was off about her though he couldn't quite put his finger on it. He then said, "That you survived is not luck. I believe the Jedi would call it the will of the Force. Though I must say that for the same Jedi to have two Shinigami proficient in the use of lightsabers is probably a coincidence."

Tavaryn muttered, "Or just plain lucky."

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