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"I was merely calling you aside to see if you would like to join Matton and I for dinner in our quarters. Kailanni likes meeting new people."

Belina tried to hide the smile that appeared on her face but failed. "I would love to join you for dinner and I would love to meet kailanni. Believe it or not I don't get to see children that often."

Alriana took the offered handkerchief and wiped the tears away. Now was not the time to weep.

"The Shinigami in question did use a blue lightsaber. Understand though that our order may contain Force Sensitives we do not train in the Jedi arts. This one though was unique much like the Sentinel. He was once a pupil at the temple but left for whatever reason until we found him and he made the choice to join us. The only name he gave us was Xandros. In his report he sent that his charge had been attacked and he defended her. After finding her he said he was going to follow. That was the last we heard of either."

No matter how hard she tried, Alriana couldn't get the memory of the incident at the cantina out of her mind. "I'm sorry." She said quietly. "If I would have known that you had someone following me I would have stayed low and not have drawn attention to myself. If I had done that perhaps you wouldn't have lost him."

Bad memory?

Very bad memory. She sent back. One set during the jedi purge.

Edge of Former Imperial Space

The captain of the Imperial scout ship Visio couldn't help but stare at the image on the viewscreen. One thought was running through his head. They certainly don't build them like this anymore.

The small shuttle on the viewscreen was drifting and it was pure luck that they had detected it at all. They had been scouting out the edge of what had once been imperial space when they had detected a very faint power reading. further investigation had helped them locate the shuttle.

"Captain, from what we have on records this type of shuttle was used mainly by Imperial teams that were sent out to capture jedi and other force users back during the Jedi Purge. Based on what we know this shuttle is nearly a hundred years old."

The captain thought for a moment. "Send a team aboard the shuttle and find out what's onboard. This shuttle may be old but It may have data we can use."

"Yes sir."

Imperial Shuttle

The team that was aboard the shuttle had managed to get life support running at minimal power but it wouldn't last long. As they turned around the corner that would lead them to the bridge they stopped and stared. In front of them were three pods hooked up into the bridge controls.

All three of the pods had figures inside them. Two of the them were cloaked in the robes of a dark jedi while a third was wearing a uniform that no one on the team could recognize.

The leader of the team opened a comnlink to the captain. "Captain, you may want to get ahold of Admiral Belina, I think we found something she may be interested in."

He looked down at the figure wearing the unidentifiable uniform and noticed a lightsaber on his belt. "You may want to contact the jedi as well. It looks like this includes them as well."
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