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A couple of thoughts on this mod.

Hey guys!

Great job so far in re-texturing the DF2 levels for the mod. Having said that, I had a couple of ideas based on what I am seeing.

1. You are going to remodel all the characters in the game, yes? If that's so, I'm curious as to how you intend to levitate Maw off of the ground. That's never been done before in jka(as far as I know).

2. Second, the screenshots I have seen show the JKO/JKA era Katarn. You do know that his outfit was different in DF2? Not to worry though. There already exists a skin that you might want to include in your mod(don't forget to give credit to the original author though, he does give permission) Go here:;93686

Jerec is also available, but you might have to extract him from a skin pack from another mod. Google "Ultimate Skin Pack for Movie Battles 2". He is in there. Please remember to give credit to the original author.

The saber hilts for Katarn and the seven Dark Jedi already exist as well:;76927

You need to obtain permission from this author though, but he already did all the work and the hilts are indeed impressive.

Keep up the good work. Looking forward to your mod soon!
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