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"I am pleased. We will expect you tonight. Even if the rest of this day goes badly still come."

Belina smiled at Jun-la as her comn device went off. "Don't worry, it's going to be the highlight of my day." she said as she turned and headed for a corner.

"This is Belina."

"Admiral, this is Garja. We just recieved a transmission from the Imperial scoutship Visio. It looks like they found an old imperial shuttle. From what we've heard there are three people who are stuck in cryo-sleep. The Visio retrieved the pods and are on the way here. From what we can see there are two jedi wearing black robes and another wearing something that the computer can't identify."

"What is the estimated time of arrival?"

"Three hours."

"Let me know when they arrive."

"Yes Admiral. Garja out."

Belina looked over at Jun-la and shook her head. "I can't believe this. First there was Jedi Alriana and now these three. How many people could have been put in cryo-sleep?"

"Shinigami are to stay in the shadows. If we must become visible, then we do so in a manner that one would assume we were just another person in the crowd. It is our duty to use whatever means necessary to protect who is under our charge."

Alriana nodded. "I understand, still, I wish I would at least be able to thank him for helping me get away, but he is long dead."

You want to 'talk' about it?

As soon as the meeting is done. She sent back.
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