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"I can't believe this. First there was Jedi Alriana and now these three. How many people could have been put in cryo-sleep?"

Jun-la frowned at the discovery. She replied, "That would be difficult to say. Perhaps the Shinigami may have a clue. Did they say how long the units were active?"

"I understand, still, I wish I would at least be able to thank him for helping me get away, but he is long dead."

Fen'Harel looked at the Jedi. he could see why the boy fell for her. She was a compassionate being though he had to admit that initially, from Tavaryn's report, she was rather reluctant and almost succumbed to the dark side. Yet he was persistent in staying claiming he could reach her. Maybe the Force does work in its own way. He replied, "I am sure he would have liked that. If it is any consolation, his name means "protector of all."

As soon as the meeting is done.

Tavaryn glanced at her. He could still pick up her disquiet and it bothered him. He also felt vague feelings of jealousy? Over someone who is more likely dead? It unsettled him and he felt ashamed. It was enough to have him squirm enough that it was noticeable. He replied, I am always here for you moi chroi.

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