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"That would be difficult to say. Perhaps the Shinigami may have a clue. Did they say how long the units were active?"

Belina shook her head. "No. Once the Visio reaches the Ackbar we'll probably find out, The Visio is an older ship and is mainly equiped for scouting out enemy territory. I don't think that the equipment onboard can give an accuarate date."

"I am sure he would have liked that. If it is any consolation, his name means "protector of all."

The tears had vanished from Alriana's eyes. She simply nodded. "That's a fitting name." She said quietly. It wasn't a good thing to dwell on the past.

I am always here for you moi chroi.

Alriana had to try and hide her smile. I know you are Tavaryn. And I will always be there for you if you ever need me.

Imperial Scoutship Visio

The engineer of the Visio smiled with pride as he looked over the pods that were now hooked up to the Visio's main power grid. The captain had ordered that the pods be hooked up so that they could draw power and keep the people in there in cryo-sleep.

The door to the cargo bay opened and he looked up to see the captain walking towards him. "Are the pods hooked into the power grid? I'd like to play it safe and make sure that there are a few security teams waiting on the Ackbar just in case they turn out to be sith."

"Yes sir. The pods should stay active until we reach the Ackbar."

"Come on, we need to have you take a look at the engines. They've been acting a bit strange recently."

"yes sir."

The captain and the engineer both left the room without a second look. A few moments after the doors shut, one of the pod's display screens flickered as the ship shifted, knocking loose a wire that connected it to the power grid.

Warning. Power levels dropping. Backup power is now online. Estimated length of time until failure is Two hours, fiftty nine minutes.
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