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"No. Once the Visio reaches the Ackbar we'll probably find out, The Visio is an older ship and is mainly equiped for scouting out enemy territory. I don't think that the equipment onboard can give an accuarate date."

Jun-la pondered a bit. She then asked, "Do you have a basic description of the occupants of the pods?"

"That's a fitting name."

Fen'Harel gave a slight smile. "Indeed it is. If you happen to meet more of our Shinigami you'll find that many of them have names of meaning. Unfortunately my name comes from the wolf trickster in our stories. Try figuring that one out."

"It's because he was a trickster in his youth... ages ago," Tavaryn whispered to Alriana.

"And I seem to recall your name had some significance," Fen'Harel teased.

Tavaryn immediately flushed a shade of red. He still wondered why his mother gave him that name at times but he liked to think that it was because of his father. He knew full well the tell tale blush was rising on his face.

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