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"We're a lot closer to Theed than we are to the nearest Gungan settlement. The Sith keep a much tighter grip on the Gungans than the human population."

Tonatius gave a slight frown as he thought some more. "There are the secret passages on the waterfall side of the city. That would be our best shot. Once inside the city, it should be fairly easy to make our way to our contact. I'm no Shinigami but that seems like the best option at this point. What do you think?"


"Actually yes. Two of them are appear to be jedi but are wearing black robes. One of them has a double-bladed lightsaber while the other had a single lightsaber. The third occupant is wearing a some sort of uniform that the computer can't identify and also has a lightsaber. We don't know if they are dark jedi or not."

Jun-la paused at the last description. She then offered, "I would definitely keep an eye on the ones with the black robes. The last I would have the security team just in case. I may be wrong but the third one might be another Jedi like Jedi Haltra." She was referring to the fact that Alriana had been in cryo-sleep herself. Perhaps the rest should know as well. She voiced it, "While we're at it, best not keep something like this from the Shinigami. They do protect the Jedi and now the Republic."

Is there something you want to talk to me about later? Or would you rather I not know?

Tavaryn looked at Alriana, aware that his face was still red. He sent, My name is something of a joke that started with my parents when they were considered courting... and a couple of missions. My father had no Avalonian name so my mother gave him one. Unfortunately they had a run in with someone who knew what it meant and told my father.

Fen'Harel watched the boy turn red. He was well aware of the situation regarding the higher born ladies flocking after him. He gave a slight chuckle and said out loud, "Oh yes. His name has caused quite a stir even among the women in our own ranks."

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