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"I would definitely keep an eye on the ones with the black robes. The last I would have the security team just in case. I may be wrong but the third one might be another Jedi like Jedi Haltra."

Belina nodded in agreement. "I agree. Once the Visio arrives I'm going to have the Shinigami take a look at the one without the dark robes. They kept track of many jedi during the purge so there's a slim chance that they may know who it is."

"While we're at it, best not keep something like this from the Shinigami. They do protect the Jedi and now the Republic."

Belina nodded and then turned to look at Fen'Harel. "Excuse me, but there has been a recent development that you need to know about. It looks like an Imperial scoutship found an old imperial shuttle drifting near what remains of Imperial space. We've found three unknown people in cryo-sleep. Two are wearing black jedi robes and the other is wearing some sort of uniform that the computer can't identify. I was wondering since the shinigami kept track of many jedi during the purge if you could take a look at them once they arrive."

"Admiral, we've just received word from the Jedi. Master Skywalker wishes to speak with you about a joint investigation into the Sith's recent activity."

Belina looked down at the comn that had gone off. "I think I need to take this call in private. I'll be right back."

Belina turned and walked outside the meeting room and keyed the comn device so that it would connect her to Master Skywalker.

"Master Skywalker, this is Admiral Belina. You wished to speak with me?"

"Oh yes. His name has caused quite a stir even among the women in our own ranks."

Alriana playfully crossed her arms and pretended to be angry. Is there something that I need to be aware of? She sent


There was movement in what was now being called cryo-pod one.

One of the black robed figures was slowly regaining his strength even as the cryo-pod that was reading his vital signs pumped more of the backup power into the cryo-systems trying to put him back into cryo-sleep.

This was drawing more power then the computer inside the cryo-pod had anticipated and was rapidly losing power as the figure inside called upon the power of the force to keep himself awake.

Warning. Backup power failure in thirty minutes and fifty nine seconds.
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