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Is there something that I need to be aware of?

Tavaryn was too embarrassed to realize that she was teasing him and mistook the angry posture for the real thing. He gave a glare at Fen'Harel who was merely grinning at him. "You just had to bring it up," he muttered. He then sent, Understand that my mother had a sense of humor. The reason Fen'Harel brought that up is because my name actually means...handsomewarrior. He sent the last bit out so fast he might as well would have been chewing on spice.

"Excuse me, but there has been a recent development that you need to know about. It looks like an Imperial scoutship found an old imperial shuttle drifting near what remains of Imperial space. We've found three unknown people in cryo-sleep. Two are wearing black jedi robes and the other is wearing some sort of uniform that the computer can't identify. I was wondering since the shinigami kept track of many jedi during the purge if you could take a look at them once they arrive."

Fen'Harel had been silently laughing at Tavaryn's discomfort when Belina gave him the information. When she mentioned the third pod, he went thoughtful. Could it be? He said, "I will definitely be there to greet this third person. I think it might be one of ours."

Meanwhile, Jun-la was watching Tavaryn squirm under Alriana's gaze and she walked up and whispered, "Are you punishing him now?" She gave a grin.

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