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technique to defeat tavion (after being possessed by ragnos)
first u will need:
1) wookie bow that shoots metallic bolts...looks like a bow
2)force absorb
3)dual light saber......has the twirl move....just in case tavion decides to be aggressive use this move, it will keep her away from u.

step 1
activate force absorb and equip your light saber.

step 2
keep jumping away from her in other words stay away from her not too far though.....the idea is for her to throw her saber at you.

step 3
once she throws her saber, evade the saber and stand between her and the saber....remember don't get hit or don't jump.....just try to maneuver your way through the saber on the ground......don't even roll or she will take back her saber. don't activate speed either.

once ur in the middle not too close to her equip ur bow caster and just shoot at her if she retracts her saber get out of their......equip ur saber and repeat the takes a very short time to beat her and u can finish the battle with out being scratched.
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