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You are laughing at me and you'll be the death of me woman.
Just tell him that he's on a ship one hundred years in the future. That'll wake him up.

This has to be done in a certain way. She sent back. Remember how scared I was when I first came out of cryo-sleep? I don't want this person to go through everything that I went through after I woke up...I was lucky that I had you to help me...Just think Tavaryn, you and I could help this poor soul out once he wakes up.

"Good. After it is his fault about you know."

Alriana turned to look at Jun-la and smiled in agreement. It just wouldn't be fair if she didn't make Tavaryn blush an interesting shade of red.

"Indeed just as Tavaryn was with you no doubt."

Alriana nodded. "Exactly. I intend to help whoever this is through the most difficult part which is adapting to current time period. Coming out of cryo-sleep is a scary thing, and it just gets worse knowing that everything you once valued is gone."


The cryopod information display was flashing rapidly as the cryo-pod steadily lost it's battle with the force user inside. After a few moments the pod stopped flashing and the door slowly opened. A dark figure who was half obscured by the gas stepped forward. He reached out through the force to detect the number of life signs aboard and then looked at the cryo-pod to his left and saw that the other figure was wearing black jedi robes. He quickly pushed a few buttons and the pod quietly opened and a second figure unsteadily walked out.

The first figure looked at the last remaining cryopod and then spoke in a raspy voice. "It appears that our target managed to get the drop on us. The last thing I remember is getting knocked out by him."

"He must have put us into cryo-sleep. He must have tried to turn the ship around and didn't know the codes to unlock the navigation system. The sabotage subroutines must have engaged and fried the hyperdrive."

The first one looked around. The area he was in was unfamiliar.


"Captain! One of the crypods was just opened and I'm not getting a reading on the second one!"

Please don't be the one with the jedi with the black robes on. "Which pods were they?"

"Cryopods one and two. It appears that the third one is still online."

"Lock down that area and increase power to the hyperdrive. Send a distress call to the Ackbar, I don't care who answers! Just tell them that we have two possibly dangerous force users aboard and we need help!"

"Yes sir!"
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