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((So sorry for my long absence. I was getting distracted by reading Harry Potter and I fear Doc was waiting on me. I'll try to get back to this more often again. Alkonium, sending you a PM once I post this.))


For having just endured a crash landing, the Freedom didn't appear to be terribly wrecked, at least from the inside. It was cocked at an angle that suggested only part of the landing gear had broken, and due to the power outage, they were forced to use a maintenance shaft instead of the turbolift to depart. Other than that, the interior seemed remarkably intact. As they reached the airlock that would lead to the intense heat of Tatooine, Kavrik glanced at Nasrene.

"Way I see it," he said, one hand on the manual release, "you've got three options. One," he yanked the manual lock open, "you try to run soon as I've got this door open. Maybe you get to the city before I get you back, maybe you don't. Either way, you end up back in a cell, probably chained to something sturdy until I can get the power back online.

"Two," he started wrestling with the release wheel, "you try something now. Saves me the trouble of hunting you down again, but you still get chained up, which I'm pretty sure is something you're eager to avoid. After all, you've been remarkably peaceful since I let you out from behind the ray shield. Biding your time for an escape attempt, I shouldn't wonder."

There was an audible clunk deep within the door and Kavrik stopped spinning the wheel, turning to face Nasrene. "I think you'll like option three. You stick with me, become a partner. And when I say partner, I don't mean twenty/eighty. I mean fifty/fifty. I can promise you excellent pay, interesting sighteseeing opportunities, and never a dull moment." He grinned, adding, "And we can let your grandparents hang out to dry until you're damn well ready to face them. And with me at your side, you'll face them on your terms, not theirs."

He paused to pull the door roughly open, then turned back to Nasrene. "In the end though, it's your choice. What say you?"

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