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I'm not angry with you. I'm angry with myself. I remember when you were in cryostasis and came out of it. It was callous of me to make light of it. Of course I'll go with you. You are my heart moi chroi.

Thank you Tavaryn. I'm glad that you decided to help me out with this.

"Like old times right?"

Alriana ran into the lift and smiled at Tavaryn. "Yeah, just like old times. Hopefully these two are still a bit confused since they came out of cryo-sleep."

She turned to the Admiral. "Do you want us to take them alive?"

Belina nodded. "If you can take them alive then do so, but if they give you no choice then I'm authorizing you to use lethal force."

"Admiral, I'll stay with you. If they are dark force users, we need to have all bases covered."

Belina ran over to a wall panel and opened up a hidden compartment and pulled out a blaster pistol. "Thank you. I am a bit worried about Garja though. I know that these two intruders don't know the layout of the Ackbar or how to get the bridge but I can't help but think that he might be leading one of the security teams to the hanger. If anything happens to him I'll be losing both an important asset to the fleet and a good friend."

Ackbar hanger

Admiral Garja looked over the four security teams that were in the hanger and looked over at the Visio which had landed at a sideways angle. The last transmission had said that the crew had locked themselves in the command deck and had locked down the corridors leading to the bridge.

He could see a portion of the hull was being cut away from the inside. He motioned his team forward. "Try and take them alive." He whispered. "Use concussion grenades to try and stun them."

"Yes sir."

finally, the portion of the hull that was being cut away was cut through and two dark robed figures force jumped out of the hole and headed straight for the security team at the other end of the hanger.

"Open fire!" Garja shouted.
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