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"Yeah, just like old times. Hopefully these two are still a bit confused since they came out of cryo-sleep."

Tavaryn looked at Alriana as the lift went down to the deck. He replied, "Nah. Dark Force users have a one track mind." He then pulled out his comm and tapped in, "Tariq, you heard the call?"

Tariq's voice came over clear, "Yes sir and we're already down there. Scatty is having a good time."

Tavaryn chuckled, "Good. We want them alive. ETA ten minutes."

"Copy that."

Tavaryn grinned as he replaced his comm, "Tariq is like a mind reader at times." He then looked at Alriana and his expression softened. He said, "I really am sorry. The heckling just never seems to go away though I understand why my mother gave me my name." He then gave her a kiss on her cheek breathing in her scent.


Andros heard the call from Garja and immediately stopped his modifications. He grabbed his lightsaber and made towards the hangar bays. Without a doubt his master or the other Jedi would be there and he would be there to help. He spotted Garja and ran over and asked, "What's the situation?"


"Thank you. I am a bit worried about Garja though. I know that these two intruders don't know the layout of the Ackbar or how to get the bridge but I can't help but think that he might be leading one of the security teams to the hanger. If anything happens to him I'll be losing both an important asset to the fleet and a good friend."

Fen'Harel nodded and pulled from the belt on his waist a blade that looked rather large but he handled it with ease. He then said, "Well if you wish to help then the Jedi and I will accompany you." He noticed that the admiral gave him a curious look. He replied, "I'm a Shinigami as well and I'm not too old to be wielding a blade." He gave a slight chuckle.

Jun-la gave one too. She said, "Lead the way Admiral."

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