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"I really am sorry. The heckling just never seems to go away though I understand why my mother gave me my name."

Alriana smiled at him. "The name really does fit you." She said even as she sent a message through their link. You really are quite handsome and your one of the strongest people I've ever met. But it's not just those reasons that I love you. Your were kind and were willing to help me after I was woken up.

"If you don't want me to, I won't make any more jokes about your name." she said as they reached the hanger. She ignited her lightsaber and waited for Tavaryn to get his weapons ready. She quietly reached out through the force to touch the minds and instantly pulled back with a look of horror on her face.

"It...It's them." She said quietly. "The two dark jedi who came after me in the cantina."

Ackbar Hanger

"What's the situation?"

"Security team Gamma Fall Back!" Garja shouted as he watched the two dark jedi go after the team at the furthest end of the hanger. He quickly pulled a grenade off the belt of one of the troops next to him and threw it at the dark jedi only to see them unleash a forc push that sent it into the air where it exploded, "Take cover!" He shouted as shrapnel rained down all over the hanger.

Garja then looked over at Andros and pointed at the largest of the dark jedi. "We have two dark jedi loose in the hanger and they are overpowering all attempts to capture them. It looks like that bigger one is in charge and he's proving to the biggest threat. He's already taken out a few security officers."

Garja fired his blaster at the shorter dark jedi only to have the blasts deflected back at him.

"We have a jedi on this ship, where is Jedi Haltra?! She's the security officer and we could really use her help right now!" Garja then looked back at Andros. "Listen, I have a plan. I need you to distract the bigger one until we can get a clear shot on him, Jedi Haltra should be here shortly and then she can help you take on the other one."

"Lead the way Admiral."

Belina nodded once and then turned and ran out of the room as she checked her blaster pistol to make sure it was charged. "Be careful, for all we know they may have already managed to get through the hanger bay and might already be in the corridors."
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