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Two things: First, does it seem to you like it's been too easy so far? And second, I'm bossy?"

Tonatius chuckled, "To answer your questions my dear, to the first I am wary. This seems too simple. As to the second, do I have to answer that since you pretty much end up telling me what to do." He gave a short laugh and grinned at her saucily.

He followed her waiting for her to form a reply to his response. When she opened the door to reveal a Sith Lord and troopers, the fun stopped and he reached for his sword.

"Jedi, you didn't honestly think this passage was still a secret, did you?"

Tonatius replied, "And here I thought thinking was overrated for you Sith types." He twirled his sword into a defensive posture. For the first time, he felt as if the stakes were raised.

Ackbar Hangar

"Tell me boy...where did you get that lightsaber? "I've seen that lightsaber before, if you want a merciful death you will tell me where you got it."

Tavaryn went into a basic posture. The simpliest of stances often proved to be the difference between life and death. It was also more for reassurance from his surprise. The dark Jedi recognized his father's lightsaber? Could it be possible...? His face didn't change as he replied, "I've had offers of merciful death before. If you could call it that. This lightsaber belonged to my father. What is it to you?"

When he saw the other attack, he was ready. He sprang away nearly disappearing from line of sight and reappeared close to the darksider andswung with parries and strikes that were quick and fast; designed to be an annoyance. He leapt away and stood in attack posture. He then said, "I take it you are familiar with my kind?"


Andros felt himself break free and he fell to the ground. He took a moment to catch his breath as he watched Tavaryn move in action. He had snuck in on one training session but he had never seen anything like it. He caught sight of Jedi Haltra and gave a slight wave to indicate that he was all right.

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