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Ackbar Hangar

"I fought the man that used that lightsaber back before we were frozen. One of the few who managed to get away from us. We never could find him after that first battle."

Tavaryn had heard many things about his parents growing up. Some from his mother and others from people who served with them. This was a first in regards to his father and from a dark Jedi of all things. His normal retorts died on his tongue as he held his ground. He became aware of a presence and it was confirmed when the figure jumped behind his attacker.

It was the slight change in Alriana's emotions that it confirmed who this strange person was. So this is he. He was impressed when he moved to strike the dark Jedi. However when he was going in for the kill, Tavaryn had to act. Using his speed, he vanished to reappear in between the combatants, his blades at awkward angles but necessary to deflect. He looked at the stranger and said using the greeting that all Shinigami used, "Brother of Shadows, halt. They must be taken alive."

Tavaryn spared a glance at the dark Jedi and said, "You will be spared if you surrender." At the same time he sent to Alriana, I know moi chroi. I'll try to be gentle. He tried to make it as reassuring as possible since something told him that she shouldn't be brought into hysterics.

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